Hi, I'm Philipp. I like to write about software, data and puzzles.

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Multilingual dates in Hugo

In Hugo, the creation date of posts is displayed. I show a method of displaying multilingual dates, e.g., 10. Dezember 2019 for German and December 10, 2019 for English.
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Hello world!

It is done - pfischbeck.de is online. I want to use this site to document my experiences, especially in the digital world, and share the gained knowledge. While looking for the right tools for such a site, I soon landed on Hugo, a Go framework for generating static websites. Using static websites, especially with Hugo, comes with several advantages: Fast generation of the whole website (few milliseconds) Simple deployment without dependencies on the server Built-in support for multilingual sites Extensive template support that is easily adjusted Easy post creation in markdown format I am pleased with my first experiences with this framework.
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